Path from Vinca to Capanna Garnerone

An easy and pleasant walk at the foot of Pizzo Uccello with a breathtaking view over the Vinca Valley

  • Vinca: 762 m asl
  • Capanna Garnerone: 1260 m asl
  • Elevation gain: 498 m
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time: 2 h (4h roundtrip)
Vinca valley

The path from Vinca that goes up to Capanna Garnerone is an easy path into the heart of the Apuan Alps and near La Dimora del Borgo Antico. At the foot of Pizzo Uccello (1781 m asl), Cresta Garnerone (1745 m asl) and the northern versant of Monte Sagro (1753 m asl) which will dominate the route, you can fully admire the Vinca valley surrounded from chestnut woods and spruce and white fir woods. It starts from Vinca, a small village perched on the Apuan Alps, from which you can enjoy a very beautiful panoramic view and overlooked by the rough Pizzo Uccello.

We leave the center of the village (above) and take the road that passes under the village.

We follow this asphalted road for about 1h, slowly it will start to climb but the difference in height will be gentle and the woods that will surround us, with the view of Pizzo Uccello and Monte Sagro, will make us reach the entrance of the path in a very short time.
(It is possible to reach the entrance of the path following the asphalted road also by car, however this choice is not recommended given the nature of the road very disconnected).

We take path 38/153 (number of the path that we will follow to the top) that we find on the left and from here we begin to climb over a small stream and immersing ourselves in the woods. We continue to climb surrounded and immersed in chestnut woods, broom bushes and berry brambles.
In front of us we will be overlooked by the Cresta Garnerone, Pizzo Uccello and Monte Sagro, but every now and then we turn back and let ourselves be enchanted by the magnificent view of Vinca and its valley, now below us. After about half an hour of walking we will arrive at a intersection, take it to the left following the signs towards Capanna Garnerone.
From here, entering and leaving the woods, walking up and down the path, we will arrive in less than half an hour to Capanna Garnerone.

Capanna Garnerone is a shelter completely renovated in 2015. Starting point for numerous untangled paths in the Apuan Alps, it is surrounded by a forest of white and red fir trees where it is easy to find yourself inebriated by the scents of the undergrowth.
The peace and silence of this place wrapped in its perfumes is something unique.

If you want to enjoy a truly breathtaking view, from Capanna Garnerone you can continue for about 15 minutes following the signs for Foce Rasori (path 37). The path goes through the fir forest where at the end the show that will present itself to our eyes will be something unforgettable. The panorama reveals the marble quarries where the points of Monte Grondilice, Torrione Figari and Punta Questa stand out. In the background the beatiful sea with the island of Gorgona and the island of Capraia.

The return will be on the same path as the outward journey. If the return hours will be those of sunset, the light of the sun that will stand over the Apuan Alps will color the Vinca valley and its mountains with their typical reddish color.

La Dimora del Borgo Antico Path from Vinca to Capanna Garnerone